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Crafting with Parchment Paper

Crafting with Parchment Paper

Hey all! March is National Craft Month and we are super excited to share some of the ways you can use parchment paper outside of the oven! Parchment is such an awesomely useful tool in so many ways, and all month we will be bringing you all sorts of crafts and creatively unique ways that you can use your parchment paper.

We have talked about what sticks to parchment paper (here’s a little hint: pretty much nothing) and so it’s a fantastic surface to use for those super sticky projects. What’s even better is that when you are done working, you can just throw it away!

I especially like to use parchment paper when working with my hot glue gun, because the glue will slowly melt and drip onto whatever is below it, and you don’t to worry about it burning the surface it falls on and damaging it. Luckily parchment is made for use with high heats, eliminating that issue entirely!

 (it's not perfect, but hot glue is no cake-walk!)

Speaking of hot glue, there are tons of applications for using hot glue and parchment to craft with on its own. Because the glue doesn’t stick to the parchment paper once it dries, you can make your own fun designs on the parchment and then peel it right off when it’s dry! It’s great! The uses for hot glue on parchment paper are endless. You can make jewelry, candle holders, coasters, napkin rings, the list goes on. All of this by applying the hot glue to the parchment to make whatever unique shapes you can think of!

If you’re crafting with children, parchment paper makes a great placemat for them to work on and an easy space for you to clean up when they are done.

Going to a birthday and you’re short on gift wrap? You can wrap your present with parchment paper! As we said, not much sticks to parchment (and that includes tape), but you can tie it off with twine or even do a little origami style wrapping to get the gift securely closed.

And while we are on the subject of origami, parchment paper folds super easily, so you can use it if you want to do some paper folding but you are short on supply! Zenlogy’s unbleached parchment paper is a lovely brown color and give your folded pieces a more natural, earthy look.

If you’re painting, you can use parchment paper as a paint palette! You can mix your paints easily on top of it and instead of having to clean it out after each use to avoid hardening paints, you can just ball it up and toss it out.

Tracing sewing patterns onto the parchment is a great option because generally the sheets that they come on are very thin and easily tear. Because parchment paper tends to be thicker and more resilient, you can trace those same patterns onto the parchment so that you’re working on a more durable surface.

There are so many applications for parchment, and surely plenty that we have missed. What else do you use parchment paper for outside of the kitchen?

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Happy Crafting!

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