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What Sticks to Parchment Paper?

What Sticks to Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper is designed and intended to be a non-stick surface that you can bake on and remove your goodies from with ease, but what does stick to parchment paper? Figuring out the answer to this question honestly took a bit of digging because as it turns out, very little does stick to parchment paper! (Trust me I know. I hot-glued a parchment paper wreath for Christmas and it lasted less than an hour before my wreath was slowly shedding parchment paper leaves!)




There are some things that apparently do stick to parchment though. In terms of food: confections with high sugar content, chocolate chips, and jellies get pretty sticky and can linger on parchment. As far as adhesives go, duck tape and masking tape are said to work, but not for very long. Certain types of medical tape seem to work betterbut do consider that they are not likely food safe and should not come in contact with anything that you are cooking.


If you are having issues with food getting stuck to your parchment paper, there are a few easy fixes that will get your baked goods separated and ready to be enjoyed!


Refrigerating melted chocolate will help it to become unstuck. I was able to remove the melted caramel from the parchment with no fuss after having been refrigerated for about 10 minutes. Even just allowing the goods to cool for a little while on a wire rack where they can get plenty of surrounding airflow can help to un-stick the goods from the parchment.




Another option for un-sticking your baked goods is to lift the parchment from the tray after it has cooled a little bit and lightly spritzing a bit of water between the parchment and the pan. The moisture helps to created a steam that will help to release your baked goods from your paper.


And of course you can always use a spatula to remove the goods from the parchment. This could cause damage to the cookie if it is too stuck on there though. I would use this option as a last resort.


Zenlogy parchment paper is a great non-stick, non-toxic option for lining your baking sheets. The vegetable silicone coating is designed to prevent even the stickiest of foods from settling on the the parchment and it is unbleached so you get the added bonus of using a healthier option to line your pans!

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