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Royal Icing Transfers on Parchment Paper

Royal Icing Transfers on Parchment Paper

Hey all! Lately we have seen a lot of bakers using Zenlogy parchment sheets for doing royal icing transfers, and it has quickly become one of our favorite uses for our parchment! So I wanted to do a quick post about using this fun technique in your cookie baking!


 @threebestbakery used our parchment sheets for these awesome blue flowers!

There is so much room for creativity when doing icing transfers. Floral transfers or more detailed designs alike can be done on parchment paper. Because the parchment is a non-stick surface, it's much easier to clean up any mess or mistakes that might occur. 

Using Zenlogy parchment sheets for royal icing transfers also allows you to see through your parchment to a design you may have printed below. And because our sheets are unbleached, you won't lose sight of your icing atop our sheets, as can happen if you are creating your transfers with white icing on top of bleached parchment.


Transfers can be made on any of our parchment paper sizes. Our pre-cut 4x4 and 5x5 squares make a perfect surface for smaller transfers, such as how @quinqueconfections made those adorable reindeer above!

We have been told on numerous occasions that our parchment sheets allow for transfers to dry much faster than other surfaces that bakers have used. It certainly helps when you need to turn out a bunch of cookies in a short amount of time!



Doing transfers on a flat, easy surface like parchment paper is also extremely beneficial because you can make a bunch of transfers at once and you don't have to worry about messing up the cookie you're working on. They are applied afterwards and it can really take the pressure off when working out the design you want to do! 

We really love the idea of using Zenlogy parchment sheets for icing transfers, and we know that bakers have been loving it too! Do yourself a favor, decorate your next royal icing transfers on Zenlogy parchment!

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