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Using Parchment Paper for en Papillote Method

Using Parchment Paper for en Papillote Method

I am a big fan of parchment paper. I can bake with it (of course), microwave it, craft with it, decorate on it… the applications are as vast as they are beneficial.There are so many uses, it is really hard not to be a fan! And in addition to all of these fantastic uses, I am able to bake IN it using what is known as the “en Papillote” method (a French word that literally translates to “in parchment”).


The en papillote method requires that you make a tightly sealed envelope out of parchment paper that acts as a pocket that securely holds the steam in while food bakes. All that is needed to successfully bake using this method (aside from the ingredients, of course) is some parchment paper sheets and a baking pan. Precut sheets work especially well for this (Zenlogy 12x16 inch sheets in particular) because they save time and are perfectly sized for making en papillote envelopes. It is especially convenient that the same pocket that the food is baked in is used to serve, which means very little clean up is necessary!


Here is a quick tutorial on how to fold a sheet of 12x16 Zenlogy pre-cut parchment paper sheet into an envelope for baking in the en papillote style. Of course, you will want to fold the envelope with the food that you are cooking inside!


What’s truly wonderful about the en papillote method is that while most people think that en papillote recipes call for fish, all sorts of meals can be made using the en papillote method. Any kind of protein can be made using this method, and some prefer to simply steam veggies with herbs for added flavor. Because the dish is baked in a small space, the added herbs are able to fully permeate the food for optimal flavor! It is important that food to be cut into small, evenly sized pieces so that the entire meal is baked at the same rate within the envelope.


There are many recipes for using the en papillote method, or you can wing it! Cut up small veggies and a protein that you like, mix in your favorite herbs and spices, and bake! Whatever you choose, the en papillote method is a great, healthy way to prepare your food without having excessive clean up or dishes at the end of your meal! And Zenlogy unbleached, pre-cut parchment paper sheets are the perfect option for making your en papillote parchment pockets!

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