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Parchment Paper for Baking - The most common questions answered (FAQs)

Parchment Paper for Baking - The most common questions answered (FAQs)

What makes this nonstick? Silicone or quinlon coating? 

Our parchment paper sheets are silicone coated. Silicone coating is the most environmentally safe and non-toxic. Quilon is not safe and is made with toxic chemicals. Our parchment paper sheets are chrome free, chlorine free (100% unbleached paper), and contain no heavy metals.

Do these sheets arrive folded, or flat? 

Our parchment paper arrives flat and pre-cut for your convenience. Our box has a re-sealable opening so you can store your easily sheets until your next use.

Is this BPA free & hormone free?

Yes, our sheets are both BPA free and hormone free. We do not use any plastic products and is coated not with the standard Quilon, but with a raw Silicone base making it completely safe and non toxic.

Can these sheets be used on a gas BBQ instead of letting food be exposed to direct flames?

No, we do not suggest using parchment paper with direct flames. You should not use parchment paper on a grill or in a broiler. Parchment paper is able to withstand high heats, but it is still flammable if it comes in contact with open flame or a burning unit. Zenlogy parchment paper sheets are primarily meant for baking in the oven or storing food items. It is oven safe for up to 450°F. 

Can you use these sheets to wrap a potato in to bake in the oven?

Our parchment paper sheets can be used for any type of high heat baking up to 450°F. So perhaps you can wrap the potato like you would wrap a sandwich. In the near future we are working on a design to make parchment baking paper bags which would make it much easier.

Can you use these in an air fryer and instant pot?

Yes! In fact, we carry round perforated parchment sheets that are designed and perfectly sized for cooking in the air fryer. These can be used for any type of cooking, but are pre-cut to be slightly larger than 10 inches.


Does it matter which side you place the food on for easier release?

No. Zenlogy Parchment is greaseproof on both sides, so you will get the perfect bake regardless of which side of the sheet is up. Also our paper is chlorine free, has non-toxic coating, and is biodegradable.

Can you use these to make tamales instead of corn husks? 

Zenlogy parchment sheets are multi-functional and have many uses. You can certainly try to use these for Tamales. Generally the corn husks hold the shape very well and are more bendable, but we think if you position the parchment carefully during the cooking process, it will do great.

Will the color brown turn the cookies on the bottom darker than usual?

No. Zenlogy parchment paper sheets are brown because they are unbleached (a safer alternative to the chemical bleaching process that uses chlorine). The color of the sheets will in no way affect the color of the food being baked or cooked on them.

Can these sheets be used more than one time on each side?

It depends on what you're cooking, at what temp, for how long, etc. We have many cookie artists that swear by our sheets and will use them for multiple batches of cookies. Depending on what you are cooking on them, it is possible that you may only be able to get one bake off of them before needing a new sheet.

Can these be used to serve food on?

We work with several restaurants who use our parchment paper to serve their food. Because our sheets are pre-cut, it is easy to find pans that they will fit nicely in to serve. Our parchment paper has many uses from baking to serving to arts and crafts.

Does this work for candy apple boxes?

Yes! Our customers have used them for caramel apples and they worked beautifully. They release smoothly from the parchment once the caramel has hardened a bit.

Do you think they would work for Diamond Painting?

Yes, many of our customers use our parchment paper for diamond painting! We carry pre-cut sizes from 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5, depending on how you prefer to section off your painting, any of these sizes would be perfect.


Are these recyclable?

Unbleached parchment paper is recyclable. You can reuse them yourself a few times (depending on what you are using them for) and then recycle them when you are finished.


What temperature can these be used to?

Zenlogy Parchment can be baked up to 450°F with no problems.


Can these be used for quiche?

Our parchment is perfect for a huge variety of assorted baked and cooked dishes. Our pre-cut parchment rounds can absolutely be used at the bottom of a round quiche pan and will allow your quiche to come out perfectly. Anything that you can imagine baking or cooking onto a sheet pan, parchment will help 

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