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The Many Uses of Cocktail Picks

The Many Uses of Cocktail Picks

I've always been a big coffee drinker, but recently I've started to spend more time concocting new and exciting drinks to add to my personal menu. I have been trying to branch out to different teas and spritzers and even the occasional cocktail. By far my favorite thing about making a drink is dressing it up before consuming (or serving) it, and cocktail picks are a wonderful way to give my beverages a nice, sophisticated touch. 

An olive carelessly dropped into my martini versus skewered neatly (and attainably, for future snacking) is really no contest. Cocktail picks add a sleek, professional looking flourish to the beverages I'm serving. Zenlogy Cocktail Picks have the added bonus of being five inches long, as opposed to the standard four inch cocktail picks, so there is very little chance that my pick will end up drowning in my drink. They come with an extra long stirrer with a paddle at the end for easy mixing, and because they are stainless steel, they are infinitely reusable and I don't have to worry about wood splintering into my drink and being consumed.

Another awesome use for cocktail picks is for skewering appetizers and snacks. Some time ago I made some delicious Caramel Apple Turtle Slices and I used my Zenlogy cocktail picks to dip the apple slices into my melted chocolate. They are great for skewering appetizers for cheese and meat plates as well!

Recently I discovered, rather unexpectedly, that I could also use my Zenlogy Cocktail Picks as a scribe for cookie flooding! This turned out to be a super beneficial use to get the air bubbles out and move the icing to the edge of my cookies. Scribes are a must have in any cookier's kitchen, both professional and amateur alike!

Cocktail picks are a great tool in the kitchen for a variety of reasons. Whatever you are using them for, Zenlogy cocktail picks are surely the top choice. They are longer, reusable, and give your drinks and appetizers a beautiful added touch.

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