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Using Pre-cut Parchment Paper Squares

Using Pre-cut Parchment Paper Squares

A few nights ago I got a hankering for some s'mores. I placed two sheets of Zenlogy 5x5 parchment squares onto my clean toaster oven tray and proceeded to build half of my s'mores (one half of my graham cracker and one standing marshmallow) on top of them. After a few short minutes, my snack was done. I removed the mini pan from my toaster oven, pinched a corner of my parchment square, and slid it onto my plate. No mess on my tray, no clean-up required. Same for my plates!

Parchment squares are amazing! Bakers have been finding so many wonderful ways to utilize them. Cookie decorators have loved using them for both cookie flooding and creating their icing transfers (learn about what those are here). Zenlogy parchment squares are especially good for transfers because they come in a flat box, so there is no curling or creasing on the back of the icing transfers. They peel right off the paper when they are dry and lay perfectly flat!

Using parchment squares is a great way to keep the work space clean and because they're so light weight, they're easy to turn, move, and maneuver so that it's super easy to find a comfortable position to decorate! They'll also keep the food scale clean when weighing food.


Speaking of using these squares for cookies, they're also excellent for lining small cookie boxes to give a more professional touch, whether they're being used in a professional setting or by a home baker. They can be used in small, single cookie boxes, or to separate cookies in large boxes to provide protection to each cookie during transport. Use your parchment squares to separate frozen goods in your freezer as well! From frozen hamburger patties to unbaked cookie dough, Zenlogy parchment is non-stick and works like a charm to keep our frozen goods from sticking together no matter what!

Parchment can be used to wrap homemade caramels and other candies, and because of their non-stick nature, there's no issue with sticky candies attaching themselves to the wrapping! Caramels look lovely wrapped in Zenlogy parchment squares because they are unbleached add a natural, lovely touch to candies. 

Parchment squares are excellent for use both in and outside of the kitchenCrafting is another space that benefits a great deal by the use of pre-cut squares. I've been known to drop some acrylic paint right onto the parchment and mix colors right there! It certainly beats having to clean caked on paint out of a paint tray! I simply crumple up my sheet when I'm done and toss it, and that's the end of that. Diamond painting has also seen some great use from parchment squares. Often diamond painters will remove the single protective sheet cover that comes on their design and put parchment squares down, allowing them to peel the sheets away and work in smaller sections. 

With so many wonderful ways to use this awesome creation, it's hard not to love it. And it's especially easy to love Zenlogy parchment squares because they are pre-cut, unbleached, and more natural than their bleached alternatives.


Did I leave out your favorite way to use parchment squares? Tell us about it in the comments! We always love hearing all of the fun, unique ways parchment paper is being used!


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