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The Many Uses of Parchment Paper for Baking

The Many Uses of Parchment Paper for Baking

In recent years, parchment paper has become an absolute must-have for the kitchen. The convenience and ease that parchment offers when lining baking pans and keeping them clean is astounding, and has helped to create delectable desserts and healthy meals of all kinds.

Zenlogy parchment paper is unbleached, silicone based and meant for high heat baking. This non-toxic, durable and heat resistant paper is perfect for ensuring your pans stay clean and your food releases easily. It is nonstick and ideal for baking cookies, brownies, pies, and cakes, as well as cooking fish, chicken, pizza, and roasting veggies. The use of our parchment paper is endless.

Our Instagram following of cookiers and cake artists alike rave about Zenlogy parchment paper both for the perfect bake that our parchment provides as well as for the durability and functionality of all of our pre-cut parchment paper. Follow our Instagram account @zen.logy to see more ways that people are using our parchment paper!

Here are some of the ways people have used our parchment paper:


Lining baking sheets and cake pans

From lining sheet pans to cake pans to separating and freezing foods, Zenlogy has many size options.  Our most popular size is our 12x16 half sheet pans.  


We have 3 main categories of sizes: 

Parchment Paper Sheets:

full sheet size (18x26)
half sheet size (12x16)
quarter sheet size (9x13)
jelly rolls sheet (10x15)

Parchment Paper Squares:

parchment paper square 2x2
parchment paper square 3x3
parchment paper square 4x4
parchment paper square 5x5
parchment paper square 6x6
parchment paper square 8x8
parchment paper square 10x10
parchment paper square 12x12

Parchment Paper Rounds:

parchment rounds 6 inch
parchment rounds 8 inch
parchment rounds 9 inch
parchment rounds 10 inch
parchment rounds 12 inch

Cake decorating

Parchment paper can be used as stencils to decorate your cakes with patterns and shapes. Just simply cut out your desired designs and gently stick the parchment paper to the cake and trace out or transfer your designs to your cake and get a clean and professional finish. Will also help you deal with sprinkles easily. Can also be used to cover a portion of your cake when decorating with chocolate.


Icing Transfers

Cookiers love using our parchment paper squares and sheets for easy, no mess icing transfers.


Parchment wrapped dinners

No pans to wash up after cooking or baking tasty, healthy, and lovely meals. Just place some veggies on the baking paper and top with fish or chicken. Drizzle with olive oil and some fresh herbs then wrap tightly and bake in the oven. One of the best ways for this technique is salmon in parchment paper (fish en papillote). Check out Zenlogy’s fish en papillote recipe here.

Roasting veggies

Zenlogy parchment makes your roasted veggies come out perfectly. They come out brown and crispy and delicious.

One recipe example is to preheat the oven to 450F, spread out your raw veggies such as cauliflower fleurettes on the parchment paper sheet, coat them with olive oil, salt and pepper and your favorite herbs and garlic and roast for 20 minutes. 

Wrapping baked goods or candies

One of the unique ways to use parchment paper is wrapping baked goodies to give as gifts or snacks. We have a lot of our cookies or bakers who love giving out their baked goods as gifts or available to purchase. They love wrapping their baked goods in our parchment paper as it looks natural, beautiful and non-toxic. Simply wrap it and secure with a cute sticker or finish with a twine or ribbon for a rustic effect and add a “Thank You” note or a simple message for a thoughtful touch.


Separating foods

One easy way to separate frozen food is to cut your parchment paper in small squares and use it in between pieces of chicken, pork, or burger patties.

Our 4x4, 5x5 squares are best to use for separating food items such as baked goods and burgers.

Keep your kitchen scale clean

Weighing your ingredients can now be mess-free. Protect your kitchen scale from wet and “dusty” ingredients that saves your time cleaning it or washing a bowl.

Making snack cones

Oven baked fries, normal French fries in a deep fryer or even healthy sweet potato or carrot fries, popcorn, pretzels, snack mix, etc. can be placed in parchment paper cones for the kids to enjoy. Just fold a triangle of parchment paper into a cone shape and fold in the top edge and fill with your favorite snacks. Since parchment paper is grease-resistant it can also hold nuts, fruits, and other oily snacks.


Making sushi rolls

Parchment paper makes a great wrapper to hold your sushi ingredients tightly while you wait for the rice and fillings to set. No more expensive sushi roller and clean-up is easy.

Rolling pie dough

You can place the pie dough in between two parchment paper sheets to easily roll out the dough. This will also keep your counters tidy.

Arts and Crafts

Even though Zenlogy parchment is made to be used in baking in the kitchen, there are endless uses of parchment in arts and crafts.  

Parchment paper can also be a great craft mat. You can line your work area when painting or decorating (especially when handling glitters and catching drips). Line the children’s table during painting sessions for a lesser mess and easy clean up.

For everyday work around the house

The obvious use of our parchment paper is for baking.  However, did you know that you can literally use it for so many projects around the house.  We love getting photos from our fans on the unique ways that they use our parchment.  From using them as placements, to decorating, to helping mess cleanup quick and easy, the list is endless.  



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