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Why Zenlogy?

We are committed to making non toxic kitchenware with minimal impact to the environment.


By using stainless steel, you can reuse indefinitely.

Biodegrable, vegetable coating, and unbleached

Zenlogy Parchment paper is the #1 non-toxic parchment in the world. Different sizes available

Giving Back

Proceeds from our sales supports local non-profits whose mission is to fight hunger and food waste

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Parchment vs. Wax Paper

Parchment vs. Wax Paper

So What's the Difference??           Parchment Paper and Wax Paper are actually quite similar in a lot of their uses. Both can act as a non-stick surface, are great for food storage, and handle being frozen with no problem. But their key differences make it very important to know which paper to use when baking. Using the wrong paper could result in...

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Parchment Paper vs. Aluminum Foil

Parchment Paper vs. Aluminum Foil

     Let’s talk about aluminum foil. Many people ask if parchment paper and aluminum foil are interchangeable. Sure, both work as a pan lining option that can easily be disposed of and make cleaning your pans quicker. Whether or not aluminum foil is safe for you to cook with is another question altogether, and a much more pressing one.      Aluminum is an...

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