Giving Back

At Zenlogy, we not only work to make non-toxic products for the kitchen, but are also dedicated to the fight against hunger and food waste.

For the last few years, we have donated a portion of our profits to Second Helpings Atlanta, a local non-profit initiative that has also made it their mission to help end hunger and food waste. 

As Second Helpings Atanta states on their website, "Since 2004, Second Helpings Atlanta’s community of volunteers has been picking up surplus, nutritious, perishable and frozen prepared food from grocery stores, big box retailers, corporate dining halls, hospitals, and large events and delivering it to the many front-line agencies in the Metro Atlanta area that feed the hungry every day." 

As of this writing, we have helped to provide 17,556 meals to hungry individuals and families. We continue to donate monthly to this wonderful cause, and we feel it is important that our customers know that a portion of their purchase goes to helping someone in need.