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Using Parchment Paper for Cannabis Concentrates

Using Parchment Paper for Cannabis Concentrates

We at Zenlogy are always on the lookout for new and unique ways to utilize our parchment paper, so when we learned that the quickly budding (pun intended) cannabis industry is making use of our parchment paper, we were pretty excited! Because of this newly discovered application of parchment, we decided to look into how exactly it is being used and the process involved.

For some time now, the cannabis industry has been making concentrates (super potent versions of marijuana buds). These varying forms of concentrates are known by many terms, but are most frequently referred to under the umbrella term of “dabs.” Many differing types of cannabis concentrates produced by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD fall under this primary moniker: shatter, honey, budder, sap, wax, taffy, and oil. While Shatter is described as a harder, more brittle substance (apt to shatter when it falls, hence the name), most of these extracts have a stickier consistency and this is where the parchment paper comes in.

When working to extract the concentrates, the marijuana (or in the case of creating CBD oil, hemp) buds go through a solvent extraction (generally butane) to strip the chemicals that make up the psychoactive and medicinal components of the plant. All that remains are cannabinoids. Because of the sticky nature of the concentrates, parchment paper works really well to collect the extracts and allows them to be easily collected and removed from a surface because of the non-stick quality of the parchment.

Parchment also works as a great surface to store the substance, though it is not suggested to store it for more than a week at room temperature and more than 30 days refrigerated. Keeping the oils folded in a sheet of parchment within an air-tight container could preserve the substances for a little longer.

Some people use parchment paper in home-made rosin extraction, using the parchment paper and a hair straightener, by folding the parchment over the buds and running the hair straightener along the parchment. This works well because parchment paper is resilient to temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It seems that people tend to cut their own sheets of 4x4 parchment paper to utilize these processes. Fortunately, we offer 200 sheet boxes of the 4x4 pre-cut parchment paper, which cuts some much needed time out of this process.

We loved learning about this new and fascinating method for using parchment paper. It’s always exciting for us to discover the myriad applications of parchment paper in different fields and industries, and this one was certainly a fun surprise for us! We hope you learned as much as we did! For more information about the different methods and practices of cannabis concentrates, visit here or here.


We invite anyone that may be privy to more information regarding cannabis concentrates to please feel free to share their knowledge in the comments. We are parchment paper experts, not cannabis (lol) and we are happy to hear any feedback or input regarding this topic.

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