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DIY Hand Folded Parchment Paper Piping Bag!

DIY Hand Folded Parchment Paper Piping Bag!

Another Craft Month how-to, this time we are bringing it back to food! Here is how to make a parchment paper parchment bag in a pinch.

 We made ours using a sheet of 12x16 Zenlogy unbleached parchment paper, it is super resilient and holds folds nicely!


1. Fold the right side of your parchment paper down at an angle so the vertical side on the right runs along the horizontal side of the bottom. 
2. There will be some excess paper to the left of your folded triangle, cut this away.
3. Your paper should now be shaped like a triangle. With the long, flat side of your triangle facing up, roll the right point in toward the middle, downward facing point. Your parchment should make a conical shape.
4. Do the same with the left side of your parchment triangle, rolling the right point in toward the center, downward facing point. All of your points should now meet in the middle. 


5. Turn the cone in your hand so that all 3 points are facing up and toward you. 
6. Fold the 3 points that are now facing upward in your hand down to the outside of the cone. This will hold your cone in place.
And you're done! It's a really easy hack for when you are in an icing bind. 


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Happy Piping!

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