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Perks of Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Rounds

Perks of Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Rounds

You often hear the saying “piece of cake” or “easy as pie” to express when something is easy to accomplish, but when it comes to making your parchment paper sheets fit into your cake or pie pans, it can be anything but simple. Tons of folding and cutting to get as close to a perfect fit is not ideal.

I have seen many tutorials online that show you the way to fold your parchment paper to make it easy to cut and fit into your baking pans. The problem with cutting your sheets into rounds is the wasted parchment paper that comes with it. No matter how close you cut your rounds to the edge of your sheet, you are going to be losing out on precious parchment paper that soon adds up to be full sheets worth. And when you are frequently baking cakes and pies, parchment rounds are a necessity.

Parchment rounds can be used for other purposes too, like for lining your sheet pans to bake personal pizzas or mini quesadillas. They also work well when you’re camping so that you don’t have to grease your pans, you can simply throw out your parchment sheets instead of having to clean your pan after each use!

Fortunately Zenlogy offers pre-cut, perfectly fitted parchment rounds for lining your cake and pie pans with ease! Rounds are great for you to be able to turn over multiple cakes, so when you need to build that cake 8 tiers high, or you need a lot of cakes made at one time, they are an excellent time saver. Zenlogy pre-cut sheets come packaged in an easy-to-store box. Each individual sheet slides out with ease so you can line as many or as few pans as you need at a time.

Zenlogy makes a wide range of parchment sheet sizes, currently we offer 6 inch rounds, 8 inch rounds, and 9 inch rounds, but are soon bringing 4 inch and 10 inch options as well.

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