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The HOWs and WHYs of Zenlogy Parchment Paper

The HOWs and WHYs of Zenlogy Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a fantastically versatile product that has a wide range of uses, but what exactly is it? Coated with silicone to withstand heat and allow for a non-stick surface, parchment paper is a staple in the kitchens of both professional and hobbyist chefs and bakers alike! It is primarily used in cooking as an alternative to greasing, oiling, or buttering the pan and unlike wax paper (which melts in the oven under high heat), it is intended to be used as a non-stick liner on your cooking sheets or pans and put into the oven.

At Zenlogy, we are proud to boast a wide array of high quality, environmentally friendly parchment paper options. Our unbleached parchment papers are coated with a non-toxic vegetable silicone, are chlorine-free, and FDA Approved.

Our sheets fit pans of different sizes:  full size (for 18x26 pans)half size (for 12x16 inch pans), and quarter size (9x13 pans)Our sheets are the exact fit for the most sizes of pans available.  

Zenlogy Parchment Paper Rounds are perfect for baking cakes and pizzas. 

In addition, we offer cupcake liners to easily remove your cupcakes or muffins from the tin.

Our Parchment Paper is thick and durable, reducing the risk of breakage, tearing, or leaks and can withstand heats of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  They come in a flat, perforated box for easy storage and access, eliminating the need to unroll or flatten the paper.

 There are many ways that parchment paper can be used, from setting them in a pan for a non-stick cooking or baking surface, to less traditional, non-cooking uses. Here are a few suggestions for the different ways that you can use parchment paper:

  • Lining your cake pans or baking sheets
  • This is probably the most standard use for parchment paper. Baking cakes and cookies can be a sticky, messy process. The use of parchment paper makes it easier to remove your cooked or baked goods from the pan once they are done in the oven, and even help make the clean-up process a little bit quicker!  Zenlogy offers 3 sizes for quarter sheet pans (9x13 inch), half sheet pans (12x16 inch), and full sheet pans (16x24 inch), as well as parchment rounds to be used in cake or pie pans.

  • Cooking your food en Papillote
  • This is a fun method in which you fold the parchment paper into a pouch around the foods you are cooking and a little bit of liquid. The food enclosed in the pouch with the moisture will cause it to steam the food inside while it bakes. This method is commonly used to cook fish. 

  • Wrapping your baked goods or sandwiches
  • Once you’ve finished baking that delectable batch of cookies, you can wrap them individually or together in parchment paper for easy transportation. The same goes for your sandwiches, making it easier to hold them together in your lunch-box and simply peel back the paper to consume it more easily on the go!

  • Separating your frozen or baked goods
  • It happens all the time, you opened that six pack of turkey burgers just to turn around and cook only four of them. Parchment paper is a great resource for lining between your frozen meats or refrigerated baked goods to prevent them from sticking together during storage, just cut a sheet into smaller squares and stack them in your tupperware!

  • Using them on pans underneath your pie pan
  • This is a great way to avoid after baking clean-up. Line your pie or cake pan with Zenlogy parchment rounds, then place on top of a parchment lined baking sheet. If you have any spillage from the pie, it will fall onto the baking sheet and prevent the need to have to scrub your oven of baked-on pie crust when you’re done!

  • Keeping your kitchen scale clean
  • Use a sheet of parchment paper on your scale to easily pour or place items onto it without having to clean up after each use. It also allows for multiple uses of the parchment paper this way.

    Making an impromptu piping bag

    You can fold the paper into a funnel to use to apply piping to your baked goods, and because Zenlogy parchment paper is thicker than other brands, you don't have to worry about holes or tears once you fill the bag with icing or chocolate.

  • Parchment paper craft mats
  • Use it as a mat under arts and crafts so that paints, glue, open markers and other supplies don’t get all over the table while you’re crafting. While it is outside of the realm of food, it is another great way to use parchment paper for easy clean up!

  • Keeping your iron clean
  • Another non-food use for parchment paper, place it between your iron and your clothing so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your iron when you are done. This works great because parchment paper is built for high heats, so you don’t have to worry about the iron burning through the paper!

  • There are myriad uses for parchment paper, and many that we didn’t include in our list! It is a great resource for chefs, bakers, crafters, and people who just want to keep their space clean while working on a messy task. Tell us some of your favorite uses for parchment paper in the comments! And check out our unbleached, non-toxic parchment paper options for your own personal needs.

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