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The Origin of Zenlogy

The Origin of Zenlogy

Like many brands, our story begins with the need for a product that didn’t exist. In 2014, while searching online for pre-cut parchment paper sheets, Zenlogy founder Jaya Patel quickly discovered that there was no option for unbleached parchment paper -- a healthier option that foregoes the use of a chlorine wash to bleach and whiten the parchment paper.

“I’ve always tried to look for products that were non-plastic, eco-friendly -- products that are not just good for us but good for the environment. I’m that mom that would put school lunches in glass containers because I didn’t want to deal with the plastic.” Jaya quickly realized that if she -- the health-conscious parent -- was looking for this product, other like-minded individuals were almost surely doing the same, “I just said, ‘You know what, I’m just going to do it myself.’” And thus, Zenlogy was born. At least, the idea for it was. It would be another 2 years before Zenlogy would officially launch.

In 2016 the dream became a reality and Zenlogy parchment paper has become a smash hit on Amazon. Since then, we continue to grow and expand our product line. “Anything that you can find in the kitchen, we try to find the eco-friendly version of it,” Jaya explains.

From redesigning our packaging for better customer experience to bringing new products to our customers, we are constantly working to expand and improve our product line. “That’s been the easiest part for me, because my audience is me. That person that is concerned about the environment, is health conscious, and wants non toxic products for her and her family" says Jaya

We are working to expand our product line and are excited to bring some new eco kitchenware to the market.  For example, in the later part of 2019, we hope to bring a double walled stainless steel bento lunchbox.  Learning about the different types of stainless steel has been eye opening.  A lot of SS products out there are made of the cheaper 201 stainless steel. We are strictly trying to focus on better stainless steel in the sense that they are thicker, they’re not bendable, they don’t rust, they don’t leak metal into your food. Minimum standard is 304 ss.  

Other products coming soon are linen bread bags, cotton wine tote, reusable SS sectioned plates, and high quality SS grill tray.   

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