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The Best EVER Red Velvet Cupcakes (Seriously)

The Best EVER Red Velvet Cupcakes (Seriously)

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet time to tell those you love how you feel. Everything is red and pink and heart-filled and lovey and it's just all around good fun!

 We wanted to whip something festive for the holiday, and what could be better than a yum-tastic batch of the Best EVER Red Velvet Cupcakes?! These babies were simple to make and will certainly tell that special someone how much they mean to you.

Cupcake Ingredients: 
Egg : 1
Salt : ½ teaspoon
Buttermilk : ½ cup
Granulated Sugar : ¾ cup
Baking Soda : ½ teaspoon
Vanilla Extract : ½ teaspoon
Red Food Coloring : 3 tablespoons
Distilled White Vinegar : 1 ½ teaspoons
All Purpose Flour : 1 cup + 2 tablespoons
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder : 2 ½ tablespoons
Unsalted Butter (at room temperature) : 4 tablespoons


Frosting Ingredients:
Powdered Sugar : 2 cups
Vanilla Extract : 1 tablespoon
Butter (at room temperature) : 4 oz (1 stick)
Cream Cheese (at room temperature) : 4 oz 


1. Preheat your oven to 350and line your muffin tin with your Zenlogy unbleached tulip liners.

2. Cream the unsalted butter and granulated sugar together at medium speed. You want to make sure your butter is at room temperature for this step, if it is too cold it will not mix well into your batter later. Add the egg and mix on high until they are all well combined.

3. In a different bowl, mix your cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and red food coloring together until they are thick, dark red paste.



4. Combine your food coloring mixture to your batter and mix at medium speed. Your batter should look a nice, bright red at this point. Make sure that all of your batter gets color.



5. Now add half of your buttermilk to the batter while mixing on the low setting. Add half of the flour and mix until it’s combined. Scrape your bowl and repeat: add the other half of your buttermilk and the rest of your flour and mix at high speed until smooth. Scrape the bowl if necessary.

6. With your mixer speed at low, add your salt, baking soda, and vinegar. Mix on high for another couple of minutes to make sure everything is combined.

7. Separate your batter into your cupcake liners and bake for about 25 minutes. Insert a toothpick or skewer into the center of a bigger cupcake and check that it comes out clean.



8. While your cakes are baking you can make the frosting! Combine your cream cheese and your butter on high speed for about 5 minutes, make sure to scrape the bowl as needed to ensure that all ingredients are combined. Lower your speed to slowly add in the powdered sugar. Once thoroughly mixed, add the vanilla and increase your mixer speed to medium. Keep mixing until your frosting is smooth and fluffy!



9. Once you’ve removed your cakes from the oven, let them sit for about 10 minutes, then move your cupcakes from your pan to a rack allowing them to completely cool. Now you can start frosting them!

    We got this recipe from browneyedbaker and we just love how they turned out! They’re excellent to make in your Zenlogy Tulip Liners because the raised sides of the liners make it impossible for your sprinkles and toppings to slide off of your cupcakes and make a mess.

    We think these cupcakes are a really thoughtful way to tell those that matter to you that you love them, and it doesn't hurt that they're absolutely delicious!!


    Happy Love Day Everyone!!


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