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The Benefits of Baking with Tulip Liners

The Benefits of Baking with Tulip Liners

I love baking cupcakes, don’t you? They’re made of the same ingredients as cake, but for some reason I always will always opt for a cupcake! Maybe it’s because it’s made just for me, there’s no cutting or parceling out involved, they’re individually wrapped for my enjoyment. Or maybe it’s because when I make them, I can decorate each individual cupcake in as many different ways as I'd like, and not just one theme for an entire cake. Whatever the reason, cupcakes are for me! And my most favorite thing to bake them in is undoubtedly Zenlogy’s Unbleached Tulip Liners.

Zenlogy Tulip Liners are a wonderful creation made of unbleached paper that are neatly folded to fit into a cupcake or muffin pan. What I especially love about them is that I can ice, dribble, and sprinkle to my heart's content, and because of the high walls of the tulip liners, I never have to worry about icing dripping down or losing my sprinkles over the edge. The tall walls protect any and all kind of spillage I may be worried about. It’s a game-changer when you’re a topping-heavy baker like myself!

While the high walls are a favorite component of mine, I can never get over the unbleached aspect of Zenlogy Tulip Liners. I don’t have to worry about any harsh chemical washes or unnatural bleaching process that the liners may have gone through. They are unbleached and more natural, and they’re grease-free so I never have to worry about them sticking to my cupcakes or muffins. It’s an absolute perk if you are concerned about the potential additives that can be in your baking or cooking products.

Being unbleached also lends itself to the liners having a beautiful, natural appearance. The Brown and Gold Tulip Liners have a lovely, elegant flair. The Plain Brown Liners look clean and simple, yet have an artisan appearance. You can add a little extra flair with ribbon and they look amazing when presented for holidays or events. Your home-baked goods will look like they were purchased from your local bakery!

Zenlogy Unbleached Tulip Liners are non-toxic and eco-friendly, giving you a healthy, beautiful option to wrap your cupcakes or muffins. They come conveniently stored in 120 pack boxes that allow for easy dispensing of liners, and are a great choice for home bakers to give their cupcakes or muffins a more professional, artisanal look.

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