Silicone vs. Quilon Coated Parchment Paper: What is Safer?

Silicone vs. Quilon Coated Parchment Paper: What is Safer?

     What is safer: Silicone or Quilon coated parchment paper? It’s a question that has been on the minds of many. Parchment paper is an absolute must-have in the kitchen for professional and hobbyist chefs and bakers alike due to its reusability and that it allows for a quick pan prep before mass amounts of baking or cooking. It is a great way to keep your cooking and baking surfaces non-stick and it makes the clean-up process quick and painless.

     So what is safer? Quilon coating is made up largely of isopropanol and contains chromium, which is a hard and brittle transition metal. Quilon is comprised of a chrome 3 complex of chemicals, and because of this landfill incineration can trigger the release of toxins into the air. Quilon also tends to produce a thinner, weaker parchment paper that tears easily, which means that it does not lend itself to multiple uses when baked. While I have seen multiple people online stating that Quilon is a Teflon product, I could not find any evidence supporting this exact claim. It is true that Dupont, the creator of Teflon, is also the creator of Quilon, which is the brand name we most commonly use to refer to the specific type of coating.

     Alternatively, silicone coated parchment paper is made primarily from silica (sand), which is a natural product and the most common substance on earth. Quartz crystals are silica in its purest form. Whether or not silicone is compostable seems to be a bit of a debate. Anke Bergner, a representative of the parks and environmental services of the Capital Regional District claims that parchment paper can be composted because it does not have a wax coating that delays the break-down of the paper. While it may not be compostable, silicone parchment is biodegradable as long as it is cut into small strips to allow for quicker break down. Although we don’t necessarily recommend it, many of our customers report being able to get multiple uses out of one sheet of Zenlogy parchment paper.

     Zenlogy Parchment paper is 100% unbleached, so it is entirely chlorine-free. It is coated with silicone because we feel that it is the most natural option. We take great pride in offering a non-toxic, eco-friendly option for your baked goods!

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